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If you live in India, then you must have heard about Apollo Hospital at some point of time because the branches of this hospital are not just at one or two places but in many areas,

Due to which the name of this hospital has spread very fast in the last few years. Due to which it becomes very important for you to know how Apollo Hospital has been serving the patients About Apollo Hospitals.

About Apollo Hospital

If you are a foreigner and are coming to visit India or you live in India, then why is it important for you to know which hospitals are very famous in India. There is no dearth of hospitals here, there are many new modern and new infrastructure hospitals where the best doctor team is available to serve the patients.

Introduction of Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospitals was established in 1983 by India’s renowned Dr. Pratap C Reddy. This hospital was the first hospital in India which was based on privatisation. The contribution of bringing revolution in the health sector goes to Apollo Hospital. From time to time, this hospital has made technological improvements in its health sector and has increased modern facilities and has also adopted the latest medical equipment.

There are many hospitals in India which are working at the national level and there are some hospitals which are working at the international level such as Apollo Hospital which is recognized as an international hospital and is located in many cities of India. Located in. Over the years, this hospital has contributed immensely to the health sector.

There are many departments in our hospital and all the departments have experienced doctors, due to which it becomes easier to treat patients. If we talk about the infrastructure of Apollo Hospital or the modern medical equipment here, all these are of very high quality due to which even major diseases are treated here.

Facilities provided at Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospital is a top international hospital so the facilities provided here are better than any other hospital. Here, diseases like cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, endocrinology are treated and facilities ranging from minor medicines to major medicines are also provided.

This hospital is a very old hospital but seeing the increasing technology, this hospital has also upgraded itself. As the medical equipment started increasing, all those medical equipment have been adopted by this hospital and along with this, patients are treated using modern technology About Apollo Hospitals.

Apollo Hospital also provides you online medical facilities. Its medical service has been developed in such a way that if any patient faces any problem, then online treatment is also given to him by this hospital, that is, he is given advice on how he can recover and how to help him. Medicine should be taken.

Why is Apollo Hospital so Famous?

There are thousands of hospitals in India and every hospital has some quality due to which that hospital is different from other hospitals and due to this the hospital becomes very famous and you don’t know how many such qualities you can get in Apollo. Can be seen in the hospital. About Apollo Hospitals As this hospital has a total of 70 branches, you can understand how famous the hospital can become About Apollo Hospitals.

Along with the type of patients served here, there are experienced doctors of their respective departments and the way they have adopted the increasing technology and have brought all the new medical equipment in all their hospitals so that the patients Looking at all these, it can be said that Apollo Hospital is a better hospital and that is why it is so famous.

Apollo Hospital branches in India

As I told you above here that Apollo Hospital is located in different places of India but its headquarters is in Chennai Tamil Nadu but their branches are in different cities of India due to which this hospital is spread all over India. About Apollo Hospitals There are a total 73 Apollo Hospital branches in India i.e. it is spread all over India.

With 73 hospitals, 4000+ pharmacies, more than 1100 diagnostic centers and more than 10000 beds are available, so that even if more patients come to this hospital at the same time, it becomes possible to treat them all through this hospital About Apollo Hospitals.


Today, through this article, I told you complete information about Apollo Hospital, what kind of facilities are provided here, along with how many branches it has and why it is so famous. You will find many such hospitals in India, so in case of any emergency, the hospital which is nearest to you is better for you About Apollo Hospitals.

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