TNPSC : மே – 2022 துறைத் தேர்வு (Departmental Exam) களுக்கான அறிவிக்கை வெளியீடு..!!

 TNPSC : மே – 2022 துறைத் தேர்வு (Departmental Exam) களுக்கான

 அறிவிக்கை வெளியீடு..!!

Name of the Examination : Departmental Examinations 

Date of Notification : 04.04.2022 

Date & Time of closing : 30.04.2022 till 11.59 P.M

TNPSC Department Exam may 2022 – Notification And Instructions – Download here

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has introduced One Time Registration from the Departmental Examinations December – 2019 . Hence , the candidates are required to furnish their particulars in Departmental One Time Registration before applying . Aadhaar Number details shall be linked with the Departmental One Time Registration , mandatorily . If there is any change with regard to details entered in the One Time Registration , such as name , initial , father’s name , date of birth , working district , etc. , the same shall be updated in the One Time Registration before applying for Departmental Examinations – May 2022. After submitting the application , any subsequent claim , with regard to change of test code / centre , corrections in name , father’s name , age , date of birth , etc. , will not be entertained . Hence , the candidates are instructed to submit the applications with utmost Care.

 Candidates should mode only . Other mode of applications will not be accepted and they will be rejected , even though the cost of application is enclosed with them.

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