The pets we raise are the ones who crawl into the house as one of our family members.  Among them, the dog and the cat have an important place.  Cats are a favorite of not only children but also adults.  Children will show their love for cats by playing with them as their playmates, hugging and kissing cats, and so on.  Many children and adults will allow cats up to the bedroom.

 Cats also come around to show us their love.  Falling on top and expressing her love.  Bringing us by the feet.  He speaks to us like humans with his beautiful voice.

                                                   Cat breeding by the Japanese

 ” Cat Islands ”:

 In some countries cats are considered a lucky animal.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average Japanese.  They also believe that if the cat wakes up in the face, something good will happen.  Some islands in Japan have more cats than humans.  In the Pacific Ocean, 12 more than a dozen islands in southern Japan are known as the “Cat Islands”.  In addition, Tasirojima and Oshima are the two islands where cats are bred in large numbers for a variety of reasons.

 Looking at these islands do humans raise cats?  Do cats raise humans?  The thought of appears to those who see.  Cats are bred to that extent.  The reason why the people of this island started raising cats like this is that once upon a time there was a good silk production all over the island of Dasirojima and the silk production industry was affected by rats and they started to raise more cats to eradicate the rats.

 Similarly, Oshima the island’s population has raised large numbers of cats to kill rats that have damaged fishermen’s boats since they lived on the island of Oshima.  There is also a cat temple on Oshima Island.  The island is about 120 km from the Japanese capital Tokyo.

 Tourists are not allowed to bring dogs on the two islands.  Cat lovers are eager to visit this area to see these cats.  Films centered on cats are filmed on the island.  The island is also known by the Japanese as “Cat Island”.  Similarly, there are cat islands in countries like Greece and Italy.

 Cats are widespread in all but Antarctica, Australia and other parts of the world.  Cats were domesticated and worshiped at home as they were worshiped in ancient Egypt, as were Japan.

 The Egyptians who built the pyramid:

 When the cats died, the Egyptians built pyramids and buried them.  Places in the pyramids are reserved for kings and their cats.  Cats have been mentioned in the social and religious practices of ancient Egypt for over 3,000 years.  Many ancient Egyptian deities were depicted with cat-like heads.  The protective function of cats is featured in the book of the dead.

 We love cats:

 Cats were domesticated in the Middle East 10,000 years ago.  Grains of rats in the house

 Cats were bred not to be eaten.  Cats get along well with humans if they have good experiences in the first 6 or 8 weeks after birth.  When cats slowly close their eyes, the act is seen as a sign of the affection they show us.  Cats gently wink as an expression of love.

 Once the cat has all the food, water and sleep it needs, cats want to make friends with other cats and animals.  Cat laziness can only be very closed if you look at yourself. So you can understand the body movements of cats and love them.

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